transaction coordinator services

Single-Side Transaction Management

Transaction Coordinator services in Florida

$395 at closing

Dual-Side Transaction Management

Transaction coordinator services in Florida

$695 at closing

Transaction Coordinator Services Overview

Transaction coordinator services in florida

On your behalf, the Transaction Coordinator will:

  • Conduct introduction and next steps phone calls and emails to clients. 

  • Open the closing file with the Title Agent.

  • Review  all documents, including contracts and addenda, to ensure fully executed. 

  • Prepare contract addenda and deliver to necessary parties for execution.  

  • Confirm  receipt of escrow deposit and escrow letter.  

  • Manage  communication with all parties including your clients, the cooperating Realtor, the Title Agent, Lender if you are working with the Buyer, and all other necessary professionals involved in the transaction.  

  • Follow- up with all parties throughout the closing process with regular status updates to ensure on-time closing and notify Realtor of any matters that require attention.  

  • Manage and communicate all contract deadlines.

  • Send  a weekly e-mail summarizing the status of the transaction and advising Realtor of upcoming deadlines.

  • Coordinate and follow-up on loan application and approval, if applicable. 

  • Coordinate and follow-up on association application and approval, if applicable. 

  • Assist coordinating property inspections, appraisal appointments, and walk-throughs. 

  • Coordinate scheduling of closing date, time and location. 

  • Submit all documents required for compliance and disbursement authorization to your office.

  • Maintain  web-based transaction management file to monitor the transaction and upload documents for shared viewing.  

why you should use a transaction coordinator

Transaction Coordinator in Florida

Paperwork Is Not Your Highest and Best Use

Managing the tasks and paperwork involved with the contract to close process can take up to 15 hours of your time on average. Paperwork is not an income producing activity. Imagine how much more business you could generate with the time you would spend on managing the contract to close process. Do the math and compare the cost of using a Transaction Coordinator with the commission you would earn from getting another listing. 

Paperwork Is Time-Consuming

Your Transaction Coordinator handles the time-consuming paperwork. There is a lot of paperwork and administrative tasks involved in the contract to close process. Managing these tasks is time consuming. This is why it is best to leverage your time and partner with a Transaction Coordinator. Doing so will free up your time to focus on your income producing activities such as marketing, meeting with clients, showing property, and listing appointments. Or taking a break!  

Phone Calls Are Time-Consuming

Your Transaction Coordinator is your liaison to all of the parties to the transaction. As you know, there are several parties involved in every real estate transaction, and it is very time consuming to communicate with each party at every stage of the closing process. Your Transaction Coordinator is your liaison between every party to the transaction, managing all of the back and forth communications. 

You Need a Dedicated Problem Solver

Your Transaction Coordinator serves as your dedicated problem solver. If your Customer is taking a bit longer to return required information, a lender is being unresponsive or there is any other hiccup encountered in the closing process, your Transaction Coordinator will go to work to get things moving again. Since we know that deadlines are critical, your Transaction Coordinator always takes the appropriate actions to quick resolve any delays that arise.