frequently asked questions


When is the Transaction Coordination fee paid?

The transaction coordination fee is paid at closing via your approved disbursement authorization submitted to the Title Agent. 

What happens if my contracts cancels and does not close?

There is no cancellation fee. If your transaction fails to close for any reason, you will not be required to pay any fee. We get paid when you get paid.

How often will I receive status updates?

You will receive updates as tasks are completed as well as weekly status updates that provide an overview of completed tasks and upcoming deadlines.

How will you communicate with me?

We are able to communicate with you via phone call, text and email.

Will you communicate with my client?

Yes, we will communicate with your clients and any other parties that you authorize us to communicate with on your behalf.

Do you provide any other administrative services?

Your Transaction Coordinator is able to discuss additional services that they are able to provide to support your business. Just ask.